Bristow, VA

Corrals, Pace Teams and Runner Tracking

Half Marathon Corral Assignments

Please note corral assignments are used for the half marathon only.

The start corrals are used to provide a quick start for faster athletes, as well as a positive race experience with sufficient room to run/walk along the race course for slower athletes. Runners will start the race in waves from their corrals with 90 seconds between each wave. Start corrals are assigned based on the estimated finish time entered at registration. Your personal start corral is printed on your race bib, and your timing chip will be attached to your bib. Your race time starts when you cross the start line.

Corral                 Approximate Finish Time

Corral A               1:44 and below
Corral B               1:45 to 1:54
Corral C               1:55 to 2:09
Corral D               2:10 to 2:24
Corral E               2:25 to 2:44
Corral F               2:45 and over


Half Marathon Pace Groups

We have partnered with The Running Store to provide pace groups for the half marathon. Experienced pacers will help you reach the finish line at your goal time. Pace groups are FREE and open to all participants.

The following pace groups will be offered:

1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 and 3:00 hours

Group captains will have signs in the corrals with their pace goal listed. You do not need to sign up in advance to be part of a pace group. Just line up with your pacer and introduce yourself to him/her – they love to know who they are running with (and who to yell at – no, we’re just kidding about that one!)

See the table below to see the pace that will be maintained within each group in order to complete the race within the goal pace.

Finish Time           Pace (min/mile)
1:30                       6:52
1:45                       8:00
2:00                       9:09
2:15                      10:17
2:30                      11:26
2:45                      12:35
3:00                      13:44


Runner Tracking

You can easily track your runner friend or family member using the RaceJoy app which is available for ios and android users. Runners, carry your phone while you run and RaceJoy can offer live tracking, progress alerts and send-a-cheer. The app can be downloaded at any time.

Some key RaceJoy features include:

GPS Progress Alerts

  • Receive GPS-based progress alerts at every mile on the course that provide your pace and estimated finish time.
  • Post alerts on your Facebook and Twitter walls.
  • Have friends and family track your performance.

Live GPS Tracking (Map View)

  • Supporting spectators can track you live as you progress along the race course – from home or at the race site.
  • NearMe proximity alerts let spectators know you are drawing near.
  • Find each other using RaceJoy’s MeetUp tool.


  • Receive fun, motivational audio cheers from your supporting fans while you run.
  • Send custom cheers with RaceJoy’s new Text-to-Cheer.
  • Start sending cheers to others doing the race at any time!

For more information on RaceJoy, click here.